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Smarter Directions Start with Smarter Information

Smarter Directions

Take a strategic approach to your school or business.
Our Approach

First, we begin with a free consultation to explore whether or not working together makes sense for us both.

Second, we determine if you are looking for a one-time, short or ongoing service, or even a combination of them. You may need a technical or analytical support on a project or ongoing oversight. You may need a Strategic Planning Session or on-going training, policy manual creation or internal audit. We get clear on your needs and discuss timeline, budget, key players and more.

Third, I continue to check in to find out how the process or training is working. We may do follow up sessions, or add new projects. It is all up to you and your needs.

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning
I believe Strategic Planning sessions don’t require months of back and forth. My facilitation is in a tried and true method using visual brainstorming. The process eliminates common problems with brainstorming and consensus building sessions, such as politics and ‘grandstanding’. These time killers removed, we are able to complete a Strategic Planning Session that allows your organization to focus on goals, in little as a day.

Leadership Involvement

Depending on the project, all key players are involved, including school leadership, business office personnel and/or board members. Both formal and informal touchpoints keep the plans moving forward and continual feedback and adjustments ensure long term success.

Typical engagements include in person visits, phone calls, interviews, debriefing, summaries of main points and progress, action items, and sometimes, homework.

Put the pieces together

Let us help you see the smarter direction to take.

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