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The Non-Profit That Took Flight

Case Study: Outsourced CFO Solution

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Industry: Non-Profit
Size: Medium
Problem: High admin costs due to a problematic process
Solution: Workflow analysis revealed need for a simpler traveling system
Result: Saved time, reduced errors, reduced administration costs, reduced frustration

Smarter Directions met with a medium sized non-profit organization with an accounting nightmare. This organization had about 30 people who traveled on a regular basis and they were frustrated with the ineffective accounting process in place to track and reimburse expenses. Paperwork wasn’t being turned in in a timely manner, or was lost, and tensions were growing, along with the administrative costs. The accounting department and travelers went back and forth with the same complaints and didn’t know how to resolve the matter.

Organizing travel madness

Smarter Directions worked with the travelers (the front line workers), the IT department and the finance department to develop a needs list. This list took into consideration the problems both the travelers and accounting department were struggling with, as well as the resources the IT department had to contribute to the solution.

From this list, Smarter Directions was able to research several options and present them to the management team and those involved with creating the initial needs list. An automated travel expense reporting system was the solution that fit, and we brought in two different companies to demonstrate the products and answer questions about their solutions.

We assisted with the implementation of the solution and trained the users for effective use of the system by both the travelers and the accounting department. Smarter Directions also drafted policies and procedures for the use of the system, to create consistency and accountability.

With the new workflow system in place, the travelers could document their travel on the fly using their smartphones or other electronic input. Accounting approvals were also then done through an automated workflow system which provided seamless communication- and no more lost paper work. The accounting department was also able to then upload information straight into the general ledger to save time and errors.

A Financial System with Full Integration

Smarter Directions knows that installing a software is more than downloading a program. It is important to know what the real problems are and find the matching solution in a cost effective way. Many people will stop there, but we make sure there are policies and procedures around every new change in order to build long lasting success and sustainability.

Dealing with a broken system? Do you have a process that you know isn’t effective but aren’t really sure how to fix it? Let our outside look and decade of experience with Colorado Springs Non-Profit Organizations help you find and fill the holes, reduce costs and increase efficiency. Contact Smarter Directions today for a consultation.

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