Start Up Charter School

The Little School Who Needed A Push Start

Case Study: Start Up Charter School

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Industry: Charter School
Size: Small
Problem: They were lacking expertise to get started
Solution: Financial fundamentals implemented
Result: School was approved and is fulfilling their mission

Smarter Directions met with this small charter school who needed startup assistance. The school had created a board, but they were lacking finance expertise and called us in to advise on a variety of fundamental financial matters.

Pushing the Start Up Charter School

Working together, we began with creating a budget from a brainstorm of current and needed assets and resources. The budget planned for long term forecasting and solid assumptions to create a successful implementation and long term plan. We examined common financial opening pitfalls, to avoid them, reduce time spent and money wasted. We reviewed financial compliance needs so they had a comprehensive strategic plan for meeting goals.

We developed the mission and vision statements and navigated the application process. Smarter Directions was able to help with writing portions of the application and grant process, including meeting deadlines and completing authorizer and state required forms.

Maturing and Growing the Start Up Charter School

With the financial fundamentals of budgeting, compliance, pitfalls, cash flow planning and financial forecasting worked through, the school was approved. Smarter Directions continues to advise them on additional matters including setting up payroll and other accounts needed for school operations.

We continue to offer general financial oversight, assist with Journal Entry preparation and financial reporting needs. Smarter Directions is able to assist with new reporting, compliance, financial protection processes as well as create policies to keep things moving smoothly and in a scalable way as they continue to grow.

Whether a Start Up Charter School or an established one, are you unclear about your financial needs, goals or processes? Do you have a process that you know isn’t effective but aren’t really sure how to fix it? Smarter Directions LLC can offer an objective outside look and expertise. Our decade of experience with Colorado Springs Charter Schools and Non-Profit Organizations will help you find and fill the holes, reduce costs and increase efficiency. Contact Smarter Directions today for a consultation.

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